Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another way of looking at the Obama nomination

Its seems as though I have had to check a lot of Obama supporters lately, and though I prefer Obama to Clinton, there are a couple of discrepancies I have been noticing regarding democrats as of late. First, the outcry over the disenfranchisement of voters in Michigan and Florida has been negligent. Ironic, considering democrats were up in arms over the disenfranchisement of Florida voters just a few years ago in the presidential race against Bush. Second, Clinton is winning the popular vote, am I right? Again, democrats a few years cried and cried over flaws in the system when Bush lost the popular vote and won the election, well this delegate system is pure nonsense. Legislatively, the effect Obama/Clinton will have in office is basically the exact same, I do think that Obama can change the perception of our nation abroad and domestically more than Clinton, though, so I would tend to agree that Obama is the better chocie. But, to me, once Dennis Kucinich was out of the race, legislatively it didn’t matter much who won. But, I digress, I just wonder why people are calling for Clinton to drop out, when she is ahead in the popular vote, and very well could have been ahead in the delegate count had Florida and Michigan been able to vote.

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JoshyBoy said...

Obama is winning the popular vote, how dont you understand that. Clintons numbers are skewed. Obama is leading w/o michigan and florida because he didnt campaign there and the democratic convention said that they would not count. Also, all Clintons numbers do not count caucuses which is just retarded. So get your facts staight