Friday, April 25, 2008

No Justice in Sean Bell Slaying

I doubt many of you remember the case, but in 2006, Sean Bell an unarmed man, was shot down outside a nightclub in Queens, NY the night before his wedding. Not only did the murder raise eyebrows because Bell was unarmed, but also there were 50 bullets shot at Bell, "overkill" to say the least. This morning, though, the three officers involved were acquitted of all charges and will walk freely. The justice system in regards to police officers is becoming more and more of a joke, believe me, I appreciate what the police are doing in our communities and view them as the vital key to society that they are, but you have to draw a line somewhere. I'm not going to sit here and say "I hate cops", or anything foolish like that, but one has to admit there are a plenty of bad apples who are on power trips, this is a very applicable example. It's time the justice system take notice.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Obama vs. Clinton - In Black and White

When is the media going to stop dancing around the racism amongst voters in this campaign? All you have to do is compare the votes from white non-college graduates to black non-college graduates and you can see that it is not the economy that is the prime issue, rather, it is race. Two out of three white voters earning under $50,000/yr prefer Sen. Hilary Clinton, in most interviews shown on CNN they point to either a need for economic reform and Sen. Clinton's experience in that category. Will somebody please enlighten me on Clinton's so-called experience? Because, last I checked, Obama's experience is essentially the exact same as Clinton's, unless you count being the first lady as experience. Don't get me wrong, the first lady is very important, she serves as a diplomat oversees (often dodging enemy sniper fire as she de-boards the plane, ha) as well as serving as a key orchestrator for other charitable work both domestic and abroad, but the bottom line is she does not deal with legislation. She did nothing to stimulate the economy, her husband did, and though Bill is a part of the campaign, he is not her running mate. So please, spare me the scripted answers and simply admit to your hesitance to vote a half black man into office.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spike Lee Weighs In On The Democratic Primary Race

Regardless of what you think about celebrities and their opinions on political issues or campaigns, there is no denying they have some effect (however large or small it may be), this though got a chuckle out of me. Courtesy of Spike Lee ladies and gentleman...

What do you think of Obama?

I’m riding my man Obama. I think he’s a visionary. Actually, Barack told me the first date he took Michelle to was Do the Right Thing. I said, “Thank God I made it. Otherwise you would have taken her to Soul Man. Michelle would have been like, ‘What’s wrong with this brother?’ ”

Does this mean you’re down on the Clintons?
The Clintons, man, they would lie on a stack of Bibles. Snipers? That’s not misspeaking; that’s some pure bulls***. I voted for Clinton twice, but that’s over with. These old black politicians say, “Ooh, Massuh Clinton was good to us, massuh hired a lot of us, massuh was good!” Hoo! Charlie Rangel, David Dinkins—they have to understand this is a new day. People ain’t feelin’ that stuff. It’s like a tide, and the people who get in the way are just gonna get swept out into the ocean.

Credit where credit is due: