Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Devastating Hits

With news that the NFL will now levy suspensions against players who distribute "devastating hits" or "head hunt", we are entering a dangerous territory for fans and players alike. The integrity of the game is really coming into question. I appreciate that the NFL is looking out for the players and trying to limit concussions, but the league is coming to a crossroad. If the league continues to over-protect the players, though, defenses are going to become helpless. As a Redskins fan, the team is developing a reputation of hurting players, with clean, but potentially "devastating" hits. If a key contributor, be it Landry, Fletcher, Alexander, or whoever is suspended for making a big hit, I will strongly consider protesting the league. The players these days are so big, so strong, and so fast that when we see these collisions in slow-motion, of course it's going to look like they're "head hunting", but from the perspective of the player, they are trying to make a play to help their team win. For the most part, players are trying to make clean, hard hits. Sure, I feel terrible for DeSean Jackson, he is a very small guy in comparison to the rest of the league, and he got absolutely blown up. But, listen, the players know the risks of the game. If you don't want to get hit, then don't put the pads on. Nobody is forcing these players to suit up on Sundays. There is no way to avoid bad injuries in the league, and if you force these defensive backs to let up, then wide receivers are going to float across the middle of the defense with no fear and shred everyone.

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