Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Phony Behavior: Hilary Clinton Returns to Fraudulent Form - The Political Game

So after days, even weeks at this point, of remaining silent Hilary Clinton has finally weighed in on her adversary, Barack Obama and his relationship with the polemical Rev. Jeremiah Wright . Expectedly, she criticized Obama for not abandoning his pastor after several of his "controversial" remarks, made famous via YouTube and news outlets everywhere last week. The timing of such is incredibly suspicious, as Clinton was under fire today for her romanticized, or simply fabricated, portrayal of her visit to Bosnia in 1996. At a campaign appearance last week, Clinton described arriving in Bosnia under fire from snipers. Funny enough, a video today shows Clinton being greeted by a young girl, and a crowd full of smiles. Not a sniper in site and certainly nothing close to being on the front line. And she certainly did not run with her head down, dodging bullets, as she claimed. So, Senator Clinton, please for the sake of our intelligence, next time you have comments to make about Senator Obama or any subject, for that matter, why don't you do it with relevant timing rather than to deflect attention from your own misfortune. As-salaamu Alaikum my brothers.

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