Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Night Lights, Fink, and More

If you don't watch Friday Night Lights you might be a little bit clueless. It's probably one of the most slept on shows out there right now, it generally appears on NBC and is returning for a 3rd season on January 16. If you are lucky enough to have Direct TV, though, they are already airing the 3rd season. If you aren't that lucky it may or may not be in your best interest to click here (<-- clickable). I'm just saying. The first two seasons are all available at Hulu, click here for the link. It's a dope show, the football scenes are surprisingly strong, but it's also a perfect "date night" television show. In other words, something that you and your girl would both enjoy. Or, if you a girly man like I am, you might just be in heaven. So, check it out.

I was watching the show though and they were playing some pretty good tunes from this English singer/songwriter Fink. I'm probably years late on this dude but he rocks a little bit. Usually I link you to rap or soul music, but my interests are wide ranging. Give this guy a listen:

Anyway, thanks for staying with me here at the blog everybody. Also, if you get a chance remember to check out my new website, we've been pretty hot the last few days, including a 4-0 night yesterday evening. So, give us a chance over there, but I'm going to keep it strong here at the blog, too. And one more thing, we need to cheer up a little bit. I know I'm a cynical pessimist just like everyone else, but god damn if enough isn't enough already. I know its cold, wet, and windy. I know the economy sucks. But, the holidays are practically here and it's time to just put all that to the side for a little bit, I'm not saying we ignore the problems in our lives, but let's stop feeling sorry for ourselves and crying all the time. Everybody has problems. Go see a movie. Don't put your whole life on facebook. And that's all I have to say tonight. Peace.

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