Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a Debacle

In Germany there is a 16-year old "female" by the name of Kim Petras, who four years ago at the age of 12 underwent a sex change to become a chick. This dudes name was Tim, now he is Kim, but the worst part about all this is that this Tim character is blowing up in Germany becoming a pop star. There's something unnatural about this and frankly I don't know its such a good thing to be trotting this shim out in front of a bunch of little kiddies. Not only that, but what kind of parent gives or allows their 12-year old son to have a sex change. No 12 year old is mature enough to make that kind of decision or realize whether or not that decision needs to be made. It's actually a disaster. Anyway, that's for each person to decide, here's a picture of T(K)immy's album cover:

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