Monday, January 26, 2009

Gary Williams Predicament

Here's the case for Gary Williams:

* 11 straight tournament appearances from 1994-2004.

* Back to back Final 4's.

* Maryland's lone national championship.

Here's the case against him:

*Horrible recruiter, see this post.

*This will be the fourth year out of five that we will miss the big dance (which should NEVER happen to a team that has won a national championship in the last decade)

You tell me... Is a guy coach for life, even when the NCAA game may have passed him by, when it comes to recruiting and being able to handle a "one and done" type of athlete. Comment and I'll spar wit you either way.

1 comment:

tom said...

if they make the tournament both this year and next hes a lock. if he misses hes out. at least thats what i think.