Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Seeing a Movie Alone (in theaters)

Personally I have never done it and frankly, I find it appalling. I've often considered it... especially for something like an 11AM showing of a movie that has been out for a while, but I could just never pull the trigger because in my opinion, once you start seeing movies alone you're in full blown psychopath mode. I instantly envision a 36 year old man with a bag full of Werther's originals in his pocket at Madagascar 2 or Twilight trying to lure 6th graders into his van after the credits roll. Anyway, for those of you who have seen a movie in theaters by yourself, what was your experience like? Was it weird? Did you feel like a creep? Who did you whisper your mid-movie zingers to?

Also, for men out there, what is the etiquette on seeing chick flicks or movies about the gays (e.g. Milk) with other men? I for one am all for the gays, I love the gays, I wish I was gay, I consider gay to be the new black, but I refuse to see a chick flick with another man. It's just a line I won't cross. What about with rentals? When I go to a Redbox for example, sometimes I like to dabble in the romantic comedy genre (Definitely, Maybe is a solid flick), so what I'll do is pretend I'm talking on the phone to someone as I'm browsing through the machine... "whats the name of that stupid movie you wanted to see again?... oh that's right [insert chick flick here]" and then I'll rent it and still have my man card in tact.

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Anonymous said...

I see movies alone sometimes. I saw Superbad alone and surprisingly in a packed movie theater the guy next to me was alone too (I'm guessing he was 18/19 at the time). When cackling like a witch I attempted to look over at him a couple of times- maybe it would be less awkward if we tried to enjoy it together...no. He was having nothing of the sort...so I left midway through and saw Halloween.

I like to see movies alone. I love me time.

As for your redbox confessional... we've spoken...you know how I feel.


Imjustlikemusiq said...

That guy was probably a kid toucher as you know my theory on people going to movies alone... I can't believe you would see Superbad alone! You have to go to comedies with your friends, because when they laugh it makes it even funnier... next time you go to see a comedy you call me up, I'm always down for a movie.

Anonymous said...

I think if you ever fail at whatever you're trying to pursue, you'd make an excellent film critic. You could definitely have a column in the newspaper. And seeing movies alone, I think its not creepy if you don't look creepy doing it. So don't try and pick up 6th grade girls like I know you probably want to. You like the young bucks.


Richy Rich said...

If you see a movie alone your felted at life and you need to stop being a zilch by either A) chopping off your whistle and jumping off the Chesapeake or B)stop watching movies alone.