Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Clinton Emerging From The Dust

With news of Ralph Nader predicting Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as Obama's VP choice and some polls having McCain ahead by as much as 5% now (after being down 7% in June), internet rumblings have raged through the morning saying Clinton will be the pick. I'm not so fast to assume she will be, but for the sake of a blog, let's assume this is true. Three months ago, this to me would have seemed like a disasterous decision. Today? Not so much. Not only will the bitter Clinton voters jump on the Obama Express, those blue collar votes that were so heavy for Clinton in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania should be out in full effect once more. Also, with the tactics McCain has been using, bringing Obama down to earth, the Obama administration needs something to counter and the obvious answer is the Clinton campaign. They have a track record of fighting fire with fire better than anybody in politics, so if McCain wants to continue play dirty (Funny how the "straight talk express" continues to spread misleading messages in campaign ads) I'm sure the Clinton's will have a bombastic response. I'm on board with the Hillary choice, if Obama thinks shes the best for the job, then I'm on board 100%.

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