Thursday, August 28, 2008

They Did It Again Last Night

So far, this convention has been a smashing success. Last night, we had three incredible speeches coming first from Bill Clinton, who says he will campaign hard for Barack Obama to win this next election. He went after the issues, he talked about why Obama is the right candidate and he talked about why McCain is the wrong candidate. His best line however, was when he dispelled the myth that Obama is too inexperienced, by drawing back to memories of when he ran for president and was called too "young and inexperienced", yet brought the nation into its best sustained economic period in U.S. history. John Kerry came next and delivered a strong, heart-felt, endorsement of Obama. But, finally, Joe Biden, not to be upstaged made an incredibly touching and real speech about why he and Obama are the right choice. He drew upon example after example about McCain's misjudgment and undeniable support of Bush, he discussed the 95% agreement in which McCain votes for a Bush policy, further dispelling the notion which paints McCain as a maverick. It was a great night for the Obama campaign, but tonight, at Mile High stadium, this could be the defining moment in the last 10 years of politics. Obama hits the stage and if you're not watching, then I don't know what your deal is, but you are going to miss out. I can promise you that.

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