Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Obama Should Hit Back

Amid Obama's slide and McCain's rise in recent polls, all but leaving the candidates nearly even in the latest percentages, McCain has published an advertisement portraying Obama as a superstar fad. The ad, in doing such, flashed images of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, asking its audience if someone who is only enjoying a brief and explosive fame is truly meant to lead the country? He has time and time again painted an elitist image of Obama, in attempts to lure the "working man vote" (where Obama has struggled, especially against Clinton) into the McCain camp. The Obama campaign responded with another brilliant portrayal of McCain's smear campaign, saying he will not resort to "old politics", the mud-slinging, dirty smearing campagin tactics that politicians, until Obama, have used to win election after election. Pointing out the ideoligical differences worked against Clinton, but in my estimation, it's going to take more than that to beat McCain. It's time to fire back: on the issues. To do so, it is time to draw a comparison of their own, not to a Paris Hilton, not to a Britney Spears, but to an even more polarizing figure that could do more to hurt the McCain campaign more than any mega-celebrity ever couuld. The person in question - President George W. Bush.

Ask the working people of America if they are really ready for another 4 years of a deflated economy, ask thim if they are prepared to lose more jobs (as unemployment has finally surpassed the 5% threshold). Point to the fact that McCain has an IDENTICAL stance on trade as Bush, explain briefly and poignantly, how this means less jobs for Americans and more jobs for foreign workers, as the McCain administration would economically reward businesses who outsource, as opposed to an Obama administration which would reward businesses who remain in America and offer jobs (with competitive pay rates) to Americans. It's time to fire back, use McCain's party against him without stooping to "old politics", by talking about issues.

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