Monday, August 25, 2008

Hillary Should Guide Her Supporters

On the heels of a recent McCain ad quoting Clinton during the primary race, as she called Obama inexperienced incapable of guiding a nation, a CNN poll shows that 27% of former Hillary backers are now committed to voting for McCain. Clinton has released a statement showing her displeasure over the advertisement, but that is simply not enough. If she was truly as devoted to the democratic party as she claims she is, we need a grandiose speech endorsing Obama 100%. Enough with the bitterness, you lost, you weren't picked as vice president, now be an adult and get over it. One can only blame Hillary so much though, how is it that over a quarter of those who were ready and willing to vote for Clinton would flip flop and vote for McCain, when Clinton and Obama, legislatively speaking, were mirror images? In other words, rather than vote for the candidate who has a seemingly identical political agenda to Clinton, you vote for someone with a radically different agenda. Call it what you want, but I'll call it racism. Part of me hopes McCain wins and the country continues to torpedo, so all of these so-called democrats (Clinton included), will realize what a disservice they did this nation.

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