Monday, August 25, 2008

Democratic National Convention - Day One

Starting today, everything counts. The DNC is in Denver, Colorado this year, Colorado by the way, a state Obama hopes will swing his way come election time. Looking at polls anytime before now would have been like making assumptions based on an NFL pre-season game, but this is week one of a grueling stretch that all comes down to the election in November. The odds on favorite differs depending which poll you look at, but for my money Obama appears to be in the lead. That can all change in a matter of hours, though, and predicting a winner at this point would be without ponit.

News from the McCain camp of a VP nominee should come soon, but from all indications it appears to be Mitt Romney. Romeney would be a fine choice for McCain because he fills in all the voids that McCain may leave and addresses the issues that many republican voters have with McCain. Romney is a hard right conservative, who leans especially right on most social issues, including gay marriage, immigration reform, and abortion. He is generally considered strong when it comes to conservative economic policy and is stride for stride with McCain on Iraq.

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