Monday, August 11, 2008

Obama To Select VP Soon

According to Barack Obama is set to announce his VP, running-mate very soon. Among the lead candidates include Indiana senator Evan Bayh, Virginia governor Tim Kaine, and Joe Biden senator from Deleware. Hilary Clinton remains a wildcard candidate, but seems unlikely at this point. The safe choice would likely be Evan Bayh, who would help Obama pull a possible upset in Bayh's home state of Indiana, which could serve as a critical swing state. Bayh brings with him a moderate-left voting recrod and little or no baggage. He is a very "safe" choice. Some argue the lackluster wow factor is fine, because Obama is already a wow candidate and Bayh will simply help in Iowa and provide Obama with a trustworthy VP candidate. Biden, who to me seemed like an ideal candidate is a much riskier choice. Where Joe Biden has huge experience in foreign policy, the kind of experience that easily rivals McCain's, he can also cover ground in Obama's weakest liberal demographic: blue collar, working [wo]man America. Two potential downfalls exist with Biden though, first is his age. In a campaign where change was a key slogan, it may seem perculiar to pick an older candidate who is part of the "old regime" politically. Second, and more importantly, he is a loose cannon. You never know what's going to come out of his mouth next, Obama can not afford for Biden to make a verbal blunder. That's the last thing he needs is to worry about Old Man Biden mucking up his campaign with a bafoonish, thoughtless remark. I would hope, though, that Biden has the good sense to make smart, calculated comments and challenge McCain on issues of foreign policy. Kaine and Clinton seem to be on the outside looking in, but you never know what Obama has up his sleeve, so I wouldn't count them, or anybody else, out at this point. All we can do is wait for the text message, which you can sign up for by the way, by texting: VP to 62262. I wouldn't do it, unless you don't mind someone calling you asking for a donation, that is. If you want to find out who he chooses, [shameless self plug in 3...2...1..] simply log on to

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