Friday, September 5, 2008

John McCain Just Doesn't Get It

Here's a summary of the speech if you missed it: Lie about the agenda of an Obama administration for the first half and talk about being a war hero for the second half. I admire what McCain has done for this country, up until about 2001 he was a great politician with real stances and agendas that help real people and he served the country admirably. Unfortunately now he is just another company line man out for self. I find it funny how he has completely ripped off Obama's call for change, unfortunately the rhetoric doesn't match the reality in his case. McCain has been offering us the same support of George W. Bush style politics for years now, the same style of politics that has sent America into a $9 trillion debt financing a war Obama spoke out against from day one. McCain is claiming Obama is going to raise taxes for working American's. That is a lie. Its a stone cold lie. Obama offers tax breaks, big ones at that, to those most in need, including seniors and impoverished working parents. Those making over $200,000/yr will see increased taxes, thats it. On top of that he is lambasting Obama for his stance on foreign oil, as he has, as has been well documented, supported more [offshore] drilling, as opposed to Obama's plan to wane the country off of its oil dependency. For years McCain and his colleagues have been voting against alternative energy solutions and offering huge tax breaks for oil companies, all of a sudden you're going to help us? Who are you kidding. John McCain, you are no maverick, you are just another mud-slinging, out for self politician. Period.

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