Tuesday, September 23, 2008

If You Put a Gun To My Head

I would say yes the financial bailout is necessary. I know in my last blog about the economic crisis I tiptoed around my opinion, and I still firmly will say that my economic background is very limited and I only have an elementary understanding of what is actually happening right now. But, from what I have gathered the $700 billion bailout - largest since the Great Depression - has to happen. I understand that in theory we probably should make these greedy millionaires pay for their mistakes, but the repercussion of doing so seem to be too high, the stakes are too high to send messages right now. Sad as it is, those in the billionaire boys club are going to get off freely, but it has to happen, I'm not a socialist or anything like that, but you just have to be realistic sometimes and accept that this has to happen.

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