Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just When You Think McCain Has Hit Rock Bottom, He Sinks Lower

Before, you watch this latest McCain advertisement, realize that I understand what happens in political campaigns. I understand that politicians often throw out blatant lies and slander their opponents in a no-holds-bar style candidacy. I know the rules of the game. At some point, though, you have to have some dignity, not only for your opponent, but for yourself and for your own credibility as a human being. The ad you are about to watch essentially claims that Obama for teaching kindergarten children about "sex before they learn how to read". Now, obviously McCain knows this to be a lie, in fact, the legislation he is referring to is one that teaches children in elementary school awareness about sexual predators and your general, watch out for strangers message. It's one thing to lie about Obama's proposed economic plan, which I have laid out and defended in numerous blogs, it's another to take this kind of a cheap shot. Anyway, it actually made me laugh out loud at how ridiculously obsessed over getting into office McCain is, he will literally stoop to any low point to beat Obama. Enjoy...

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John Lukacs said...

whhhaatttt the fuckkkkk
im waiting for palins fall too dude, but dont you think it already shouldve happened? i mean her 17 year old is pregnent for christs sake. and her 4 month kid is austistic right? any mother would give up politics to take care of her family. what are they gonna dig up that is worse than her slut daughter getting knocked up?
also, where did you get that got next obama shirt, that shit is tight.