Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama Seizes Momentum -- Again

As I predicted weeks ago, the Palin Express Train would soon run out of steam, and I give her and the McCain campaign all the credit in the world. They made a splash and rode the momentum for a long, long time, much longer than a Mitt Romney momentum would have taken then, but, unfortunately for them, Palin's time on top has come to an end as questions about her legitimacy as a candidate finally need to be answered and the McCain campaign is wisely putting her in the background more and more. Obama appears to have weathered the storm, as he still leads the electoral college polls, and while it is still early Obama is looking to capitalize on the momentum he has re-captured. Today, he came out swinging. (The following quotes, and more from today, can be found here)

"By favoring both greater regulation and less", Obama said, McCain "can't decide whether he's Barry Goldwater or Dennis Kucinich."

"On Monday, he said the economy was fundamentally sound -- and he was fundamentally wrong. On Tuesday, he said the government should stand by and allow one of the nation's largest insurers to collapse, putting the well-being of millions of Americans at risk. But by Wednesday, he changed his mind," Obama said.

"He said he would take on the ol' boy network, but he seemed to forget that he took seven of the biggest lobbyists in Washington from that network and put them in charge of your campaign," Obama said.

"Well, I have a message for Senator McCain: You can't just run away from your long-held views or your life-long record. You can't erase twenty-six years of support for the very policies and people who helped bring on this disaster with one week of rants."

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