Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Lesson in Subtle Racism

I was thinking today about the word "wigger" and for the most part, what I was wondering was, do people who use this word realize that they are being incredibly racist? For one thing, lets break the word down and ask ourselves what does wigger mean? Well, most people say "a white person who acts black". Before, I address that foolishness, let's literally look at the word at it's core: Wigger = White + N***er. Essentially, you are just people calling people a shortened up version of White N-Bomb. If you won't say the elongated version in a derogatory manner, don't say a shortened version, its that simple. Secondly, when people would counter and just say, oh its just a common term for people who try to act like they're black, but really aren't. Well, retard how do you act black, I often ask? By using language patterns that come off as uneducated? Do you realize what you are implicitly calling all black people, by saying things like that? Wake up to reality you idiots and dead this word.

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Anonymous said...

Your observations reflect my views exactly. dead that word.