Monday, September 8, 2008

Straight [B]alk Express

I'm reading the Washington Post this morning and I'm asking msyelf, why does John McCain continue to say he is on the straight talk express and then tell blatant lies about the difference between his and Obama's tax plan? Good article, if youre interested, but in a nutshell, if you are in the top 1% of earners in America and do not care about essentially donating money by way of tax, to a cause greater than yourself, then you would be wise to vote McCain. Under Obama's plan, there are going to be tax cuts for many lower-tier earners in America and increases for the wealthiest Americans, which many economists would argue decreases their ability, or incentive rather, to create jobs. It also, may be said that such increases limit the willingness of top earners to take risks in the economy, which directly correlates with the aforementioned hesitance to create new jobs. On the other hand, some economists, would also argue that the tax breaks for lower income Americans would result in less government borrowing, which would effectively lower the interest rate and generate more private investment. Basically, you will potentially see a lower budget deficit than you would under McCain's plan. Also, you simply need look no further than the Clinton administration which saw a mass growth in jobs, despite a plan extremely similar to Obama's, to realize that such a tax plan doesn't necessarily correlate with insular job growth. What is most frightening, and is keenly pointed to in the article, is that McCain once OPPOSED the Bush tax cuts and now is essentially proposing an identical plan. So, we ask ourselves why is McCain turning back on his "maverick" principals, that once made him an admirable politician? Perhaps, he realizes he is getting old and that this is his last chance to make a mark in politics and he knows the only way he can do that is to fight, scratch, claw, sleaze, and lie his way into office. I used to think highly of John McCain, but this is not the John McCain of 2000, and that is sad. I truly hope Barack Obama maintains his integrity and never falls victim to what McCain has recently succumbed to.

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