Thursday, October 23, 2008

Album Review: The Foreign Exchange - Leave It All Behind

Two album reviews in one day? I know right. Like I told you from day one of the blog, my passions are radio, sports, politics, and rap/soul music, sometimes one more than the other and then the next day the other more than the previous if that makes any sense. For those of you who have been keeping up with the blog, which I appreciate more than you could imagine, you understand that sometimes I get in zones where I talk straight politics, sports, or promote my radio show, but I realized I've kind of been "off" music for a while. Funny considering the name of the blog, yes? I guess nothing has inspired me lately and the "Evolver" review (below) and this album I'm about to review for you all is sort of only reaffirming my thoughts that music is dead right now. Music has been dead in my life for a while, it temporarily revives itself when guys like Jay-Z, John Legend, Kanye West, Oddisee, Kev Brown, Eric Roberson, and the likes release their albums, but even lately that isn't doing the trick. Maybe I'm alone in that sentiment, maybe I'm not. Anyway, as for this album, the second from Foregin Exchange, we see rapper Phonte embracing a new role; that of a singer. While I do respect him as a singer I don't know if it was wise of him to take on that aspect of his talents for the entire album. It didn't really work for me. Not that it wasn't a good album, the songs were fine, they were just a little boring. The album would actually be perfect, I was thinking, if you played it in the car on a first date or something like that. As a whole, though, it was almost as if you were waiting the entire time for Phonte to just rip into one of these tracks with a rap, but it never really comes and you feel shortchanged at the end of it. The production from Nicolay was top of the line for a soul album, but if Phonte wasn't going to rap that much he should have maybe considered some features like they had in "Connected". I kept thinking how perfect the guys from Low Budget would be on a lot of those tracks, especially Oddisee.

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