Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm Boycotting Iron Man 2

Today we find out that Terrance Howard is getting the boot from "Iron Man 2", a role in which he was supposed to have have a lot of screen time evolving into the character of War Machine. I don't know nearly as much as all the comic nerds out there, but it just gets me salty that they would get rid of a guy like Howard and blame it on money. Iron Man made so much money in the box office and DVD sales, I don't want to hear anything about finances from them. I love their replacement choice, Don Cheadle, and if he weren't getting the role because of Howard's absence I would be thrilled, but this is just another instance of Hollywood trying to screw over black actors. Sorry to say it, but it happens time and time again, they think they are just interchangeable commodities. I'd like to see them try and pull this kind of sh*t with Clooney or Pacino. Here's Howard's take on what went down:

"It was the surprise of a lifetime. There was no explanation, [it] just up and vanished. And I read something in the trades that implicated it was about money... but apparently the contracts that we write and sign aren't worth the paper that they're printed on sometimes."

What a shame.

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