Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Palin Stumbles Again

Well, this sets up my Joe Biden post even more... it's time to finish this clown off. First her interview with Charlie Gibson was a complete and utter disaster, now Katie Couric's interview exposed Palin even further. What an absolute train wreck this woman is. If you were to print her interview at full out onto a transcript it would literally be incomprehensible. Here is a short clip of her failing to name a single supreme court case she disagreed with aside from Roe V. Wade, which every high schooler could name. Even the most loyal McCain supporters have to be wondering now if this was the right choice, she was a spar kplug at first, but like I said from day one, America builds you up and tears you down. I guess your boy was right, afterall. Enjoy:

Now, here it is in contrast with Joe Biden being asked the same questions:

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