Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin/Biden Debate -- Initial Reaction

Alright, I'll give Palin this much, she didn't embarrass herself. I will say that I had trouble following some of her ramblings, and she was very, very scripted, but she delivered the lines without any major gaffes. Problem is, when a candidate is down like her running mate is, just not embarrassing yourself is not good enough. My main problem with Palin is still that she does not answer key questions with direct answers, especially on issues she doesn't feel comfortable with, and those issues are alarmingly abundant. Joe Biden was sharp, detail oriented, and skillful in not coming off as the big male bully, pushing around the new female on the block. Biden did not shy away from any questions and offered real political analysis on each issue, he also successfully linked McCain and Bush on a number of issues. I wish he would have blasted Palin, but I see why he didn't and frankly, I can not blame him for being slightly reserved in that regard. So, if you consider Palin not being a total buffoon a success (and if you do, I hate to break it to you, but, you yourself are the buffoon), than sure Palin won. If you look at the issues and who offered better answers and more pragmatic solutions to the problems facing our nation, Biden destroyed her.

As of 11:30 PM CNN's unscientific online poll shows the viewer breakdown, as:

Sen. Joe Biden 72% 71588 votes
Gov. Sarah Palin 25% 24864 votes
Neither 3% 3060 votes

Take that for what it's worth.

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