Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Palin Has Gone Rogue

So for the past few weeks now it has been obvious to everyone with a political pulse that Governor Sarah Palin has distanced herself a bit from John McCain. Not in the sense that she is trying to submarine the campaign, but she is also making sure that she is seen as a strong base-republican, gearing up for a possible presidential run in 2012. Here's why this is perfect for Obama supporters, and it's not just because Palin is prematurely accepting defeat, but it's because it re-affirms how weak the current crop of Republican candidates for next election season is. If Palin and Romney are really the top candidates the GOP is going to trot out then they are in trouble. As for Palin and her distancing herself from McCain, today one of McCain's advisers called Palin a quote, "whack job". The spin from Senator McCain, "when two mavericks join together they're bound to bump heads once in a while". That's not doing the trick for me, McCain knows what's going on here, and it really makes you wonder what would happen if McCain somehow pulled off the win? Could Palin and McCain co-exist? I doubt it. Luckily for McCain, and apparently unbeknown to Palin, she wouldn't have very much power at all except in a tie breaking senate role. It actually means that McCain would probably just cast her aside and try to keep her from making any major gaffes and embarrassing the nation.

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