Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Week Away

In exactly seven days, Barack Obama should be our next president. It's been a long, tough, exhausting journey and I can't believe that everything finally seems to be coming to fruition. As an Obama supporter from the get-go I am ecstatic to see the polls leaning so heavily in his favor right now. A week is a long time and anything can really happen when the polls open up, will the young voters show up? Will black voters show up? Will old voters show up? Will red states turn blue? Will blue states turn red? All those questions remain unanswered, but from every indication it looks like Obama in a landslide. My prediction is that Obama will carry all the states Kerry took plus Florida and Virginia, I think McCain has a decent shot at Ohio, though. In other words, it might be a little closer than the polls suggest, but I feel like everyone is so ready to end this election and I really hope that people just show up for Obama one more time and give him record numbers at the voting booths. I hope to see voting numbers go way up this year because that bodes incredibly well for Obama. Anyway, I'll have a lot of stuff for you guys this week, I have an NBA preview on the way tomorrow (it's almost finished), I'm going to have a ton of election news and opinions, and of course Skins/Steelers monday night football previews. Go Obama! If you live in Virginia, get your ass out to the voting booths, don't let the GOP steal this like they did the last two election turns.

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Anonymous said...

Ummmm, This post is full of lies my friend-Obama supporter from the get go? If i recall correctly, you and a fellow blogger friend Osborne, picked up his book that was in your house, and said "He won't win president" and basically called him a joke-saying their was no way he would win--FRAUD