Friday, November 7, 2008

Four guys Three Mics News

As everybody knows it's Friday and that means another edition of Four Guys Three Mics, but instead of being on from 10PM-11PM, we will now go a second hour up until midnight. So, the same start time that you're used to, but we are now a 2 hour show. I will update this post later tonight with the podcast version of the show, but if you can tune in live we'd appreciate it. As a refresher, here's how to listen:

Go to, look to the left under the first tab "Listen Online", simply click WMUC2 (either HQ or Lo-Fi, either works) and the show will open up in one of your media players (WMP, Itunes, etc.), kick back, maybe even turn on your xbox, put the volume on mute, and enjoy.

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