Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tonight is Colossal

The Redskins don't necessarily have to win tonight to mathematically be in good shape for the playoffs, but as far as the mentality of a football season goes, its a huge game. It's a gargantuan game. It's monumental really. Is Tony Romo going to be the spark plug Dallas needs to turn them around, or can Washington hit them with a hay maker tonight and prove that even with Romo, their team isn't good enough. Will the Washington home field advantage actually help the team tonight? Will Portis play? If, yes, and as of 6:20 PM it appears he'll be on the field, then what kind of role will he serve? Can Campbell rebound from a mediocre performance? What will Jim Zorn have for the Cowboys defense with 2 weeks to prepare. With the Eagles tying early today, in a game that seemed like an easy win, the Redskins have a golden opportunity to solidify themselves in the playoff mix. I pray to god they capitalize on it. Beat Dallas. Hail to the Redskins. Let's get it.

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