Monday, November 17, 2008

Hillary Clinton Being Considered for Secretary of State

Secretary of State is a HUGE job, its the top post at the state level, and there is no question that she is amply qualified for the job. Clinton did everything possible to help Obama win the election after the primaries, but let's not get it twisted, as a political opponent, she is a SNAKE. Obama has to be very careful giving her that kind of power, because she will inevitably, be making a run at him 4 years from now and he needs to make sure he can keep her in check. There's a lot of speculation out there that Clinton would try to almost railroad Obama's presidency at every avenue possible. I don't see why Obama won't just give the job to John Kerry, he is the most qualified person for it, he gave Obama his start in politics, and would never flip on him. Maybe Obama is worried about leaving Clinton in the senate, but the reason he elected Rahm Emmanuel to Chief of Staff is because he can keep people like Clinton, and the rest of the democratic party members, in line.

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